FreeWheel Video Integration team provides various tools to help you investigate issues, diagnose integration problems, find out information about specific integrations, build requests from scratch and preview a specified ad on all platforms.

Please contact vis@freewheel.tv if you need further assistance.

MRM AdManager SDK

FreeWheel provides libraries called AdManager to make it easy to integrate your player or mobile application with FreeWheel MRM ad server. AdManager can send ad request, parse ad response, and use an extensive rendering framework to render ads, including rich-media formats like VPAID or MRAID.

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Ad Previewer

FreeWheel Ad Previewer is a tool that plays the ads from a FreeWheel ad response. In this tool you can build your own ad response easily and preview them on different platforms. Ad Previewer is available for the Flash, HTML5, iOS and Android platforms.

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Profile Lookup

This tool shows the detailed information of the configuration for the specified network and profile, including content types, creative APIs, slot time position classes, base ad units, renderers, etc.

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Metr Calculator

Metr is a parameter in FreeWheel ad requests and callbacks, indicating the player or the module's ability to send certain callbacks for a certain kind of ads. Find out what the metr value should be for your FreeWheel-integrated player with this tool.

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Flex Demo Player

An HTML5 demo video player for the Flex box environment. Can be used to launch on the Flex box on Ibis.

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